Affinity at Serangoon developer is a property which is jointly developed by 4 big developers of Singapore. These 4 developers are as follows:


Affinity developer are as follows:

Oxley Holdings Limited

Oxley Holdings Limited is well known and international Singaporean property dealer. affinity at serangoon oxley majors in development of various top quality projects and some of them include residential, commercial, Industrial and hospitality projects. affinity at serangoon showflat projects are located in those places which are easily connected to the basic amenities and majority of affinity condo projects already include recreational and entertainment centers. The latest project going to be launched by Oxley holdings is the affinity condo singapore.

Oxley holding limited Group has their projects being developed in places other than Singapore like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, Australia, Japan and Vietnam. The main features of the Group’s development projects consist of prime areas, modern lifestyle features and latest designs.

SLB Development Ltd

SLB Development Ltd is a leading property developer who was formed out from the Lian Beng Group. Lian Beng is one of the largest local property development firms along with Chip Eng Seng, Koh Brothers and Lum Chang. SLB development used to be a part of the designer part of Lian Beng group but now it has separated itself from the Lian Beng group.

SLB group has progressed into the top developers in the last few years and possesses the land bank and the units to be built and sold.


KSH Holdings Limited

KSH Holdings Limited is a well-known Construction, Property Development and Property Investment group formed in 1979 and has been listed on the mainboard of the SGX-ST since February 8, 2007. KSH is an A1-graded contractual worker under BCA CW01. KSH has the capacity to carry on Public Sector Construction projects which values in million dollars and is the leading developer for both public and private sector constructions in Singapore.
KSH has a proven track record of dealing with development projects for various types of industries. Its construction projects have performed well in CONQUAS, a standard evaluation system used for checking the quality of the building projects. With better alliances and joint ventures, KSH’s property development and property investment includes various real estate sectors like private, business, hospitality and mixed-use developments.


Apricot Capital

Apricot Capital is a newly founded investment firm located in Boston and Toronto. Apricot was established in 2010 by partners Peter Wernau and Jennifer Lum.

They are partners for long years who are interested in putting resources into smart businesses by sharing their combined financial and operational ability. Apricot invests into startup companies based in the US, Canada and some parts of Asia.

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